Milan B. is a licensed tattoo
artist in the state of Florida
and a certified phi brow
 artist trained by phi academy, top ranked and most prestigious microblading academy worldwide. Milan is also certified in the art of  micro shading. These Combined skills allowed her to add versatility to her brow design techniques and offer new brows to all skin types. 
What Is microblading?
microblading is a semi-permanent makeup method of drawing eyebrows where cosmetic tattoo pigments are deposited below the skin using  micro blades creating fine blade-like “hair” in the brow region, artificially, which simulate a natural look of hairs with various lengths and densities.
In this method, tattooing machines are not used. Hairs are drawn shallow in the skin with special blades achieving a natural look of eyebrows. 
With this technique, Density is not added to brows. hair strokes are added for fluffier, fuller look to correct imperfections and enhance natural look.
Microblading is recommend to those with at least 60% of own brow hair and normal to dry skin only for best retention.
What Is microshading?

Microshading is a semi-permanent makeup method that creates density within the brow. This method is done with a tattoo machine and and single needle with cosmetic tattoo pigments. Microshading can be used for Powder Brow techniques and combined with hair strokes for a Combination Brow technique.